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Birthday Wishes [ Dec 2010 ]
30 Nov 2010 Shopping your way..
14 Dec 2010
Over the past 9 months, 35,000 young people have been deciding – Which brands and NGOs messages are worth sharing with the rest of the youths in Malaysia?
Using Facebook and Twitter, their messages reached their friends in ways newspapers, radio, or TV cannot. That’s the power of social media.
This coming 2011… we take our social media to the next level. We’re looking for the next 100,000 Malaysians under 30 to join YouthSays to create the largest influence network in the country.
You and your friends will be the first to choose which campaigns to share on our social networks, and get cash and prizes for our efforts, too.
Got a friend who uses Facebook and Twitter? Invite them to joins and shares a campaign.
Semoga artikel ini dapat memberi info kepada pembaca. Penulis sangat mengalu-alukan pembaca untuk memberikan komen, like atau kongsikan di mana-mana media sosial. Terima Kasih.

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