Reason To Love : Pena Hijau
26 Feb 2011
Enjoy Your Life
28 Feb 2011
[ 10 Reason Why I Love You….! ]
1. I love the way u smile. 
2. I love the way u blow your hair and how your eyes shine. 
3.I love the way u care. 
4. I love the way u appear in my dreams at nite. 
5. I love the way u let me hold your sweet little hand. 
6. I love the way u always think about me. 
7. I love hearing your sexy voice and the funny way u scream. 
8.I love the way u dress. 
9. I love your ways of honesty and passion for me. 
10. But mostly, i love the way u LOVED me, inside, outside and for every little thing that i WAS.
Thank u sweetheart.
Thank u for loving me.
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