[QUIZ] Answer These 8 Questions And We'll Reveal Your Movie Personality : Pena Hijau

[QUIZ] Answer These 8 Questions And We’ll Reveal Your Movie Personality

REFORMASI By Yasin Sulaiman (Brothers)
11 Mar 2013
4 Sebab TRANSFORMERS 5: THE LAST KNIGHT Mungkin Sequel Terakhir & Korang Wajib Tengok!
18 Jun 2017
We’re all probably pretty familiar with the different kinds of movie-goers here in Malaysia but the question is … which one are YOU?
So what’d you get? Share your results on Facebook and stand a chance to win free movie passes for the ultimate movie experience in TGV Cinemas!
With so many exciting movie releases to look forward to in the coming months, it’s time to take your movie day out to a whole other level at TGV Cinemas
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